What SneakerDrive Represents

Everybody knows that there’s nothing quite like receiving a fresh, new pair of sneakers. Whether they’re meant for the court or your day-to-day, a crispy pair of shoes undoubtedly provides that boost in confidence and self-esteem that everyone can benefit from.

Growing up, we all have idols. Whether they’re our favourite athletes, artists, or actors, our admiration for these figures transcends from their craft, to the freedom of expression they demonstrate in something as simple as their choice of footwear. SneakerDrive acknowledges the importance of putting one’s best foot forward and aims to provide that level of confidence to children in need of that extra boost.

Sneaker Culture: A Door Of Opportunity

Sneakers are the crosspoint between sports and art. With that in mind, SneakerDrive commits to expanding its impact on the Montreal community by partnering up with major shoe brands and facilitating art projects and workshops for children with no access to such valuable creative resources.

Ultimately, SneakerDrive is motivated to continue amplifying the positive impact of the annual Montreal shoe drive, while making it a priority to extend its influence onto a global scale.